Sunday, March 06, 2005

yawns. im a bitch. someone called mi a copycat fer viewing her source and doin a same layout. i dunno hu u are *or maybe i noe* i fuckin hell dun care. my blog is nt fer u to comment abt. wat i do and wat i sae is non of ur fuckin business. dun like? den stay out! no one ask u to view my blog at all.. i admit i did take the codes and some backgrd pix from somewhere~ but the layout SAME MEH? are u sooo fuckin sure tt the fuckin layout is the same? i MERELY took the tables ok. i've ADJUSTED it lorr.. and the fuckin table codes are so fuckin different lor.. aniwae i've deleted tt post. =) dun wish those dirty fellows ard tag in my board and give USELESS comments.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

hey bitch. im telling u now. i dunno wat u've been telling the juniors when i was away from band.. im warning u now.. dun try to do aniting funni.. when they are scolded by sir.. it's nt my business.. i nv go tell sir aniting.. u tink i like band? no i dun. if i like band. i wun be escaping from band every now and then.. big shots huh u? section leader? HELLO!! FREAKING HELL IM OSO A SECTION LEADER OF THE FUCKING FLUTE SECTION ALRIGHT!! EITHER U LIKE IT OR NT IT'S PRINTED ON MY CERT OR DO U FUCKINGLY WAN TO SEE MY FUCKING CERT? AND THERE'S SIGNATURE BY SIR TOO. u fucking bitch. hu u tink u are.. tryin to destroy my life in band? i tell u. wait fucking long and u will nt be able to destroy it too. u can TRY to destroy it. but once u do it.. dun blame me.. i pay back u. TWICE the amt u HURT me. try me bitch. zzzz.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

defination of coward? one who dare to do dun dare to admit. HUM JI. kns. such a person exist on earth, it's an utterly disgrace to mankind! yucks! WEN YESHENG. if u dare to sae tt sentence why dun u juz admit. u tis son of a bitch. u realli freaking sucks man bastard. the more i see u the more i detest u and the more i feel like whacking u up. wait till one dae my patience dry up. u will get it from me man bastard. i wonder how does it feels to be ditched by a ger and den see tt particular ger is happily with ur BEST FREN for more den 1yr+ already. i hope it FEELS MISERABLE. cos den i'll be happy to see u feel MISERABLE. oh my. cant u juz simply fuck off from this earth surface? =/

Monday, February 28, 2005

im running a fever!! ahhh.. the feelin sucks.. i hate being sick.. especially fever!! it makes my whole body ACHES and my nose to run.. my stomach to ache and everyting la. I HATE BEIN SICK!!! boohooo...

Sunday, February 27, 2005

so stupiddd... sunday still haf to go back sch.. but todae IS FUN =D
reach sch at 7am.. den went to the SCH.. rehearsal la.. so sian.. from first row change to second row AGAIN.. knnbccb!! x.x i hate second row man.. booooos..... den after tt.. went to makan at CS's coffeeshop.. nice nice food they had.. but my food was SUCKY.. watched white noise.. freakin lame show can.. no ending de.. i hate shows with no ending.. saw ALOT of ppl todae.. daniel from band last time.. andy aka feng and my god son ELSTON! =D he dun like me =( maybe becos i juz met him bah.. haha.. saw pang chong.. chun yan.. chailong.. kim choo oso.. den saw zhizhang.. oh my oh my.. haha.. oso saw my fav uncle KAIRUI! and my ex auntie pris.. loll.. so shocked sia.. lalalala... i miss my darlin sooo much.. sighs.. when will i ever see my darlin again.. =/ =( I WAN DARLIN!!!!!!!!! lalala...


went swimming wif yee n hui.. jenski went too.. but he extra nv swim.. after swimming.. meet alvin and hock boon.. went to play pool.. den they kanna jio meng.. zzzz... bo liao la.. den dar dar come meet us.. heeeee... so happie to see dar dar.. ^^

Saturday, February 26, 2005

.. sighs.. took a long time to complete redesigning my blog.. wahaha.. finally gt a blogskin.. fuck the tables.. so freaking difficult to do.. aniwae.. SS was difficult too.. failing it fer sure.. =.= sighs.. todae pon band.. dar dar came my hse ^^ tml we goin jurong complex swimming.. heeee... den goin to watch constantine with gary and his gf.. wahhahaa... sooo happie ^^

hais.. todae is roger's last day in sch liao.. cos he leaving liao norhs.. first daniel gt expelled.. den roger leaving.. our class gettin smaller and smaller liao.. so sad sia.. nvm la.. =) tis wk veri stress liao.. next week oso beri stress sia.. jialat.. =( hais.. i miss darlin so much...

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

long time nv blog.. expecting to fail my PHYSICS CHEMISTRY AND SOCIAL STUDIES common test already.. got 6/100 fer my maths common test.. soooo gd.. LAST in sec5NA level.. LMAO. =X gd sia.. first time get sooo LOW. fuck tt PAY LU SENG or wateva his fucking name is. fuck la bastard.. grrrrrrrrs. hate him so freakin much. i hate tt BITCH oso. blardy bitch!! YUCKS!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwww!!!!! PUI PUI PUI

todae. dar came over. =D soo happie. end of story. -pmsing- ?