Sunday, January 30, 2005

so fucked up.. y he can go out wif his ex until 4+ in the mornin.. i cant even go out wif my ex until 6+ in the evening.. arghz. wateva nonsense

Saturday, January 29, 2005

my freaking comp is giving lots of freakin prob. fuck it. fuck u too bastard. u aint it all. u aint worthy of her. ur juz a big fucking flirt. i cant imagine that i've such a fren like u bastard. i wish i've nv known u or tt jerk. grrrrs. bastards.

aniwae.. ytd my comp was like.. sooo freakin lag.. irc connection slow.. msn cannot connect.. cannot come into blogger.. soooo freakin lag!!! mum ytd tok abt new comp ^^ i realli wann a new comp.. nono.. nt wan.. is NEED.. haha.. plannin to reformat soon.. den can play my maple liao ^^ so boring sia.. x.x headache oso =( later goin over darlin's place.. den off to orchard to get my scarf.. hee.. maybe.. well.. juz MAYBE im goin to CS's meeting.. zuren ask me go.. lol.. dunno wanna go nt.. later darlin oso meetin his frenz.. booo.. imagine the train and bus ride.. i can faint man.. omg.. lol.. =x todae's kairi's bdae!! happie bdae my darlin cousin!! =D and ooo.. ytd i went TP fer the O lvl beyond seminar.. SO FREAKIN BORING CAN!! but the food ther.. YUMMIE! haha.. so bored =.=

Thursday, January 27, 2005

i din anihow shoot my mouth off. blahs. lame shit. zzz.. im merely tellin the past.. aniwae.. it's the past already wat.. wat harm can it do? aniwae. blogggginnn!! =X

well.. dun rem much.. ytd went shoppin wif mama.. spent more den 200.. haha... craps la.. =x den eat cafe cartel.. omg.. it's service SUCKS man.. juz like SOME FREAKOS out there.. dun care a fuck if u are readin my blog or nt.. bastard and bytches.. lol..

todae.. band???!??!?!! =X after sch chat wif sharon alot.. den went fer band.. sooo boring.. -.- den joshua and weijun they all had a fight.. AGAIN.. -.-- BORING. tryin to stop them.. but no use ler.. sian half.. haha.. lazy to blog oso liao la.. missin my darlin sooo much.. =(

Saturday, January 22, 2005

... long long time nv blog again.. *yawns. hu cares. =X aniwae.. blog fer ytd.. went out to meet neh neh and vin.. den mi and vin go meet hb at bugis.. den accompany hb hm to change.. den they go mac eat.. den i go my ah ma hse.. ^^ lurve my ah ma to bits!! =D buy some rice give her eat aniwae.. lol.. den after tt tx came.. meet him lor.. x.x den of cos show him attitude.. zzz.. freaking angry wif him.. but we ok liao.. den went jp walk walk walk.. walk dunno wat fuck la.. -.- den coffee bean sit.. den chat chat chat.. den neh come.. den i go tx hse.. den neh hb vin go other place.. =.= sighs.. den dar sent me hm.. reach hm ard 11.45pm =X heh. boring la x.x

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

damn day. damn librarian. damn damn damn. my ring gt confiscated. damn bitch slut. damn. i hate her. DAMN! fuck the whole day! DAMN DAMN DAMN! FUCK FUCK FUCK!!! grrrrs. nt in the mood.

Monday, January 17, 2005

arghz. cant slp. freak my mum. freak my dad. freak everyone. damn all and shit all. one dae i'll make them regret doing watsoeva fucking tings they did to me. arghz. aniwae. blog fer sat and sun. zzz. =/

went to clubstudio meetin.. abit extra there la.. lol.. but tt bitch oso there.. dun dare to open her mouth oso.. dunno y.. afraid of us or wat.. haha.. she open nia i tink 3 - 4 ppl shoot her.. =x abit bad mood tt dae.. cos dar went msia.. den nv pei mi sms/tok whole dae.. arghz. nvm.. lucky gt lik gt me di siao siao.. arbo i sian half liao.. reached hm ard 11.. kinda tired.. freakin mum usin comp.. so cannot use la..

fuck mum! fuck her backside up and down. damn her. fuckin abusive. im nt her maid im nt her dog im her daughter and she treats me this way becos of her fuckin bf. fuck off la deh~ zzz.. stayed at hm WHOLE dae. fuck tx. out whole dae.. call him oso cannot.. ANGRY. whole world machiam against me. damn. burn bitch BURN in hell. grrrs

Saturday, January 15, 2005

4days of nt going to sch has caused me into trouble.. but hu cares.. juz realli dun feel like studyin.. 4days only wat.. soo.. mum understands i tink.. i still haf tt HOLIDAY mood.. will be studying later.. in front of my TELEVISION. so freakin boring. maybe burn some songs den blast wif my cd player? =D dar tua me AGAIN. idiot him. shit him. kukus him. waki liao sae : " oie xiao di, dun so gian, faster go back " *shit him fer tokin to his COCK -.-* sibei craps arh he. bth.. aniwae.. ani maths tutor? i seriously nid a MATHS remedial.. -.- and GREAT. i forgot to bring my maths txtbk HOME. shit ytd. freakin bad mood in band. ok la. sg rhapsody was alright. my first time PLAYING. -.- wat craps? after band went home. received a sms from tt cutie pie JEX! haha. he's sooo cute and naughty lor.. going to be like his bro.. -.- ah beng =x

aniway. mum bought a long sleeve turtle neck top fer me. guess wat? i kinda like it ALOT cos it's BAGGY. muahahas. she bought a jacket fer mi too.. weee.. it's BIG and BAGGY too.. haha.. love it to bits.. lots of titbits fer me too.. yippee! heh. soooo happiee nehhh! =D jiajun is sellin mi his T610 fer $100 FREAKING CHEAP LOR =X alot of memories inside the hp ^^ my pix.. dar's pix.. im gettin a infra red port for sure.. well.. as fer the scarf im gettin fer mum.. the shippin fees is FREAKIN EX CAN! kaos. 5+SGD -.- but nvm la.. all fer my mum.. =D i wanna shop til i DROP again.. buyin date with vampire 3 from yang's fren fer 35sgd. it's in vol 1 and 2. ok la. kinda cheap. 40disc and tt guy BURNED it from the original though. =.= sighs. im nt usin acoustica to mix already. currently usin sf7.. kinda nice to use.. freakin comp so freakin lag. time to reformat.. nono.. TIME TO CHANGE A NEW COMP.

and take a look at this :
Connection Rejected: - Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment Inc split 1 (01-14-2005 @ 21:54:53)

weee. my peer guardian BLOCKED this out. muahahahas.


[* 12.19.59 *] [M]oNy[A] : Connection Rejected: - AP2P (01-15-2005 @ 12:20:13)

edwin's blocked out the RIAS!! we are the invincibles!! yeahhh!! lol.. =x hasnt been dl-ing ANITING at all this few wks. nth NICE to dl at all. bored. had a very bad tummy, guess im sufferin from constipation. argh. i wanna see the doc abt it.! cos it's causin my tummy to be BLOATED. ARGHZ. i hate tis. =X

Thursday, January 13, 2005

damn damn damn. first a fonecall from ms lai den a fone call from dunno which ulu ulu band tcher.. den my mum.. at least mum called mi to tell me she's coming hm already and she bought a few stuffs fer me ^^ yippeee!! i collected my toga liao.. haha.. damn nice lor.. yee oso wanna buy.. too bad i gt it first.. heee ^^ and hor and hor gex's bro jex is damn freakin cute can!!! omg omg omg!!! sooo cute.. i tink he tis yr sec1 onli.. haha.. realli beri cute lor.. omggg... too bad la.. haha.. wish he can become my didi sia.. =X haha.. bo liao =x

duhh uhh.. pon again.. fourth dae i nv go sch liao.. tml den go.. lol.. i've juz give them the same old excuse that i alwaes use.. haha.. hu cares.. went to the airport ytd to sent ling hon back to NORTHERN IRELAND.. -.- omg.. so far... ={ jiapei was late.. so ended up she din see ling hon.. haha.. onli mi yee and nam nam!! =X after tt went to coffee bean.. haha.. i had pure chocolate blended... yummyy... love it sooo much! haha.. den after tt jiapei went off.. went to pavilion to play pool den saw chai long and bowen.. play halfway chailong di siao siao.. den i knock my hand against the blardy pool table.. so damn freakin pain lor.. kaos.. bleed somemore.. -.- den after tt gt one boi boi walk past me.. smile at me somemore.. -.- im attached.. hellooo.. but he's cute.. =X haha.. den we went back after tt.. fooled ard wif yee's cam.. haha.. take video.. den i purposely make the snorting sound.. haha.. lame la.. i noe.. den act ah soh oso.. =X craps.. =X aniwae.. goin back to sch tml.. mum's coming back todae.. zzz... =.=~~~ sighs.. .=x

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

hmm.. pon again.. boring la.. =.= aniwae.. went out wif jackson ytd.. dar wasnt exactly happie abt it when i told him.. but we're alright already.. to those bytches.. u cant destroy my rs again!! muahahahas.. lalala.. aniwae.. went to collect my salary ytd.. abt 200+ but i spend until left 100 onli.. oops.. bought a new pair of shoes.. those high cut shoes.. den bought a new ear ring.. hmm.. a bag fer kairi.. cos it's her bdae soon.. =D dunno wat to buy fer jun ki neh.. lol.. hmm.. watched meet the fockers.. saw alvin tan n wt.. spoils my dae.. zzz.. nvm.. nt worth mentioning.. daddy called ytd.. ask he wanna get a new line new number and new hp gimme.. yeah~~!! heee.. perharps gettin m1.. the student plan.. yippeee.. i destroyed my mum's x430 by sticking stickers on it.. haha.. sorri arh.. tt sstickers u can take.. but the chain n pouch i wan!! =X bleahs* bought nail polish ytd.. lip gloss.. WHITE eye liner.. haha.. wanna try it.. spent abt 100+ ytd.. goin to buy the couple watch if they still haf it.. buy one fer myself and 1 fer dar.. =x lalala.. im lame.. =x listenin to groove coverage - run away ( Special D remix ) DAMN FREAKIN NICE CAN!! haha.. im mad.. =x hushhh... later goin out wif papa.. maybe show him wat hp i wan.. =x lalaa... hee ^^

Monday, January 10, 2005

ahemm... din go sch todae.. obviously.. pon10.. haha.. dun care la.. tcher ask.. i sae i 1.30pm den waki.. so nv go.. cos if i go.. i 2+ den reach.. lallaa... im mad.. haha... juz finished my hot milo and my chickens!! yumms.. haha.. darlin's starting sch todae.. hopes he go to sch lor.. nt like last yr.. pon10 until onli go sch 20days.. bth -.- dunno wat he tinking.. haha.. readin fanfic now.. no one's online.. so boring.. maybe study history later.. and den do abit of maths lor.. heee.. ^^ den study fer chem test... eeewww... den gt chinese test on thurs somemore.. kaos.. first 2 wks onli so mani test liao.. wan us die sia.. bth.. -.- aniwae.. i miss darlin!!! 1dae nv see him liaoos.. =( maybe tml can see him =D later goin down burkes to take my salary.. den pass siti her foundation power.. haha... i miss siti jaya anand and farhan!! but farhan nt workin at burkes liao.. left siti and jaya.. =( hmmm... kinda miss lerrick too.. haha.. lerrick's damn funni.. bth her.. lalalala... maybe can see chris later.. he sae i owe him drinks!! lol.. i wun gei gao abt tis de.. haha.. =p i will treat him.. his fav LATTE!! SHORT!!! lmao.. hazelnut latte short fer chris.. okok.. im lame.. long time din contact him liao.. oops.. dead meat.. that time he ask mi wanna go zouk nt.. but i was slpin liao.. too bad lor.. =X ok la.. i go finish my fanfic den go study liao.. yawns..

Sunday, January 09, 2005

yawns.. juz reach hm.. went far east wif yee.. ah ma and yee's sis juz now.. everyone shop like wat lor.. clothes.. bag.. wallets.. pencil box.. haha.. we all buy same wallet and pencil box sia!! but onli mi mh sharon and yee buy same bag.. haha.. song bo.. spent quite alot todae... woah.. saw alot of clothes.. new yr can buy and wear.. i mean chinese new yr.. haha.. song bo.. lalala... goin to take salary tml.. i dun care!!! lalala... ytd dar stay at my hse.. haha.. todae i hm alone.. mum went japan already.. =( sad case man.. but nvm la.. hee.. kinda happie todae.. aniwae.. i go rest le.. =/ yawns.. nites!!

my newest blog !! ^^ finally.. =x the another blog is closed already. flamers fuck off =D