Saturday, January 15, 2005

4days of nt going to sch has caused me into trouble.. but hu cares.. juz realli dun feel like studyin.. 4days only wat.. soo.. mum understands i tink.. i still haf tt HOLIDAY mood.. will be studying later.. in front of my TELEVISION. so freakin boring. maybe burn some songs den blast wif my cd player? =D dar tua me AGAIN. idiot him. shit him. kukus him. waki liao sae : " oie xiao di, dun so gian, faster go back " *shit him fer tokin to his COCK -.-* sibei craps arh he. bth.. aniwae.. ani maths tutor? i seriously nid a MATHS remedial.. -.- and GREAT. i forgot to bring my maths txtbk HOME. shit ytd. freakin bad mood in band. ok la. sg rhapsody was alright. my first time PLAYING. -.- wat craps? after band went home. received a sms from tt cutie pie JEX! haha. he's sooo cute and naughty lor.. going to be like his bro.. -.- ah beng =x

aniway. mum bought a long sleeve turtle neck top fer me. guess wat? i kinda like it ALOT cos it's BAGGY. muahahas. she bought a jacket fer mi too.. weee.. it's BIG and BAGGY too.. haha.. love it to bits.. lots of titbits fer me too.. yippee! heh. soooo happiee nehhh! =D jiajun is sellin mi his T610 fer $100 FREAKING CHEAP LOR =X alot of memories inside the hp ^^ my pix.. dar's pix.. im gettin a infra red port for sure.. well.. as fer the scarf im gettin fer mum.. the shippin fees is FREAKIN EX CAN! kaos. 5+SGD -.- but nvm la.. all fer my mum.. =D i wanna shop til i DROP again.. buyin date with vampire 3 from yang's fren fer 35sgd. it's in vol 1 and 2. ok la. kinda cheap. 40disc and tt guy BURNED it from the original though. =.= sighs. im nt usin acoustica to mix already. currently usin sf7.. kinda nice to use.. freakin comp so freakin lag. time to reformat.. nono.. TIME TO CHANGE A NEW COMP.

and take a look at this :
Connection Rejected: - Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment Inc split 1 (01-14-2005 @ 21:54:53)

weee. my peer guardian BLOCKED this out. muahahahas.


[* 12.19.59 *] [M]oNy[A] : Connection Rejected: - AP2P (01-15-2005 @ 12:20:13)

edwin's blocked out the RIAS!! we are the invincibles!! yeahhh!! lol.. =x hasnt been dl-ing ANITING at all this few wks. nth NICE to dl at all. bored. had a very bad tummy, guess im sufferin from constipation. argh. i wanna see the doc abt it.! cos it's causin my tummy to be BLOATED. ARGHZ. i hate tis. =X


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