Monday, January 10, 2005

ahemm... din go sch todae.. obviously.. pon10.. haha.. dun care la.. tcher ask.. i sae i 1.30pm den waki.. so nv go.. cos if i go.. i 2+ den reach.. lallaa... im mad.. haha... juz finished my hot milo and my chickens!! yumms.. haha.. darlin's starting sch todae.. hopes he go to sch lor.. nt like last yr.. pon10 until onli go sch 20days.. bth -.- dunno wat he tinking.. haha.. readin fanfic now.. no one's online.. so boring.. maybe study history later.. and den do abit of maths lor.. heee.. ^^ den study fer chem test... eeewww... den gt chinese test on thurs somemore.. kaos.. first 2 wks onli so mani test liao.. wan us die sia.. bth.. -.- aniwae.. i miss darlin!!! 1dae nv see him liaoos.. =( maybe tml can see him =D later goin down burkes to take my salary.. den pass siti her foundation power.. haha... i miss siti jaya anand and farhan!! but farhan nt workin at burkes liao.. left siti and jaya.. =( hmmm... kinda miss lerrick too.. haha.. lerrick's damn funni.. bth her.. lalalala... maybe can see chris later.. he sae i owe him drinks!! lol.. i wun gei gao abt tis de.. haha.. =p i will treat him.. his fav LATTE!! SHORT!!! lmao.. hazelnut latte short fer chris.. okok.. im lame.. long time din contact him liao.. oops.. dead meat.. that time he ask mi wanna go zouk nt.. but i was slpin liao.. too bad lor.. =X ok la.. i go finish my fanfic den go study liao.. yawns..


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