Monday, January 17, 2005

arghz. cant slp. freak my mum. freak my dad. freak everyone. damn all and shit all. one dae i'll make them regret doing watsoeva fucking tings they did to me. arghz. aniwae. blog fer sat and sun. zzz. =/

went to clubstudio meetin.. abit extra there la.. lol.. but tt bitch oso there.. dun dare to open her mouth oso.. dunno y.. afraid of us or wat.. haha.. she open nia i tink 3 - 4 ppl shoot her.. =x abit bad mood tt dae.. cos dar went msia.. den nv pei mi sms/tok whole dae.. arghz. nvm.. lucky gt lik gt me di siao siao.. arbo i sian half liao.. reached hm ard 11.. kinda tired.. freakin mum usin comp.. so cannot use la..

fuck mum! fuck her backside up and down. damn her. fuckin abusive. im nt her maid im nt her dog im her daughter and she treats me this way becos of her fuckin bf. fuck off la deh~ zzz.. stayed at hm WHOLE dae. fuck tx. out whole dae.. call him oso cannot.. ANGRY. whole world machiam against me. damn. burn bitch BURN in hell. grrrs


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