Saturday, January 22, 2005

... long long time nv blog again.. *yawns. hu cares. =X aniwae.. blog fer ytd.. went out to meet neh neh and vin.. den mi and vin go meet hb at bugis.. den accompany hb hm to change.. den they go mac eat.. den i go my ah ma hse.. ^^ lurve my ah ma to bits!! =D buy some rice give her eat aniwae.. lol.. den after tt tx came.. meet him lor.. x.x den of cos show him attitude.. zzz.. freaking angry wif him.. but we ok liao.. den went jp walk walk walk.. walk dunno wat fuck la.. -.- den coffee bean sit.. den chat chat chat.. den neh come.. den i go tx hse.. den neh hb vin go other place.. =.= sighs.. den dar sent me hm.. reach hm ard 11.45pm =X heh. boring la x.x


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