Thursday, January 13, 2005

duhh uhh.. pon again.. fourth dae i nv go sch liao.. tml den go.. lol.. i've juz give them the same old excuse that i alwaes use.. haha.. hu cares.. went to the airport ytd to sent ling hon back to NORTHERN IRELAND.. -.- omg.. so far... ={ jiapei was late.. so ended up she din see ling hon.. haha.. onli mi yee and nam nam!! =X after tt went to coffee bean.. haha.. i had pure chocolate blended... yummyy... love it sooo much! haha.. den after tt jiapei went off.. went to pavilion to play pool den saw chai long and bowen.. play halfway chailong di siao siao.. den i knock my hand against the blardy pool table.. so damn freakin pain lor.. kaos.. bleed somemore.. -.- den after tt gt one boi boi walk past me.. smile at me somemore.. -.- im attached.. hellooo.. but he's cute.. =X haha.. den we went back after tt.. fooled ard wif yee's cam.. haha.. take video.. den i purposely make the snorting sound.. haha.. lame la.. i noe.. den act ah soh oso.. =X craps.. =X aniwae.. goin back to sch tml.. mum's coming back todae.. zzz... =.=~~~ sighs.. .=x


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