Tuesday, January 11, 2005

hmm.. pon again.. boring la.. =.= aniwae.. went out wif jackson ytd.. dar wasnt exactly happie abt it when i told him.. but we're alright already.. to those bytches.. u cant destroy my rs again!! muahahahas.. lalala.. aniwae.. went to collect my salary ytd.. abt 200+ but i spend until left 100 onli.. oops.. bought a new pair of shoes.. those high cut shoes.. den bought a new ear ring.. hmm.. a bag fer kairi.. cos it's her bdae soon.. =D dunno wat to buy fer jun ki neh.. lol.. hmm.. watched meet the fockers.. saw alvin tan n wt.. spoils my dae.. zzz.. nvm.. nt worth mentioning.. daddy called ytd.. ask he wanna get a new line new number and new hp gimme.. yeah~~!! heee.. perharps gettin m1.. the student plan.. yippeee.. i destroyed my mum's x430 by sticking stickers on it.. haha.. sorri arh.. tt sstickers u can take.. but the chain n pouch i wan!! =X bleahs* bought nail polish ytd.. lip gloss.. WHITE eye liner.. haha.. wanna try it.. spent abt 100+ ytd.. goin to buy the couple watch if they still haf it.. buy one fer myself and 1 fer dar.. =x lalala.. im lame.. =x listenin to groove coverage - run away ( Special D remix ) DAMN FREAKIN NICE CAN!! haha.. im mad.. =x hushhh... later goin out wif papa.. maybe show him wat hp i wan.. =x lalaa... hee ^^


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