Thursday, January 27, 2005

i din anihow shoot my mouth off. blahs. lame shit. zzz.. im merely tellin the past.. aniwae.. it's the past already wat.. wat harm can it do? aniwae. blogggginnn!! =X

well.. dun rem much.. ytd went shoppin wif mama.. spent more den 200.. haha... craps la.. =x den eat cafe cartel.. omg.. it's service SUCKS man.. juz like SOME FREAKOS out there.. dun care a fuck if u are readin my blog or nt.. bastard and bytches.. lol..

todae.. band???!??!?!! =X after sch chat wif sharon alot.. den went fer band.. sooo boring.. -.- den joshua and weijun they all had a fight.. AGAIN.. -.-- BORING. tryin to stop them.. but no use ler.. sian half.. haha.. lazy to blog oso liao la.. missin my darlin sooo much.. =(


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