Saturday, January 29, 2005

my freaking comp is giving lots of freakin prob. fuck it. fuck u too bastard. u aint it all. u aint worthy of her. ur juz a big fucking flirt. i cant imagine that i've such a fren like u bastard. i wish i've nv known u or tt jerk. grrrrs. bastards.

aniwae.. ytd my comp was like.. sooo freakin lag.. irc connection slow.. msn cannot connect.. cannot come into blogger.. soooo freakin lag!!! mum ytd tok abt new comp ^^ i realli wann a new comp.. nono.. nt wan.. is NEED.. haha.. plannin to reformat soon.. den can play my maple liao ^^ so boring sia.. x.x headache oso =( later goin over darlin's place.. den off to orchard to get my scarf.. hee.. maybe.. well.. juz MAYBE im goin to CS's meeting.. zuren ask me go.. lol.. dunno wanna go nt.. later darlin oso meetin his frenz.. booo.. imagine the train and bus ride.. i can faint man.. omg.. lol.. =x todae's kairi's bdae!! happie bdae my darlin cousin!! =D and ooo.. ytd i went TP fer the O lvl beyond seminar.. SO FREAKIN BORING CAN!! but the food ther.. YUMMIE! haha.. so bored =.=


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