Sunday, January 09, 2005

yawns.. juz reach hm.. went far east wif yee.. ah ma and yee's sis juz now.. everyone shop like wat lor.. clothes.. bag.. wallets.. pencil box.. haha.. we all buy same wallet and pencil box sia!! but onli mi mh sharon and yee buy same bag.. haha.. song bo.. spent quite alot todae... woah.. saw alot of clothes.. new yr can buy and wear.. i mean chinese new yr.. haha.. song bo.. lalala... goin to take salary tml.. i dun care!!! lalala... ytd dar stay at my hse.. haha.. todae i hm alone.. mum went japan already.. =( sad case man.. but nvm la.. hee.. kinda happie todae.. aniwae.. i go rest le.. =/ yawns.. nites!!


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