Monday, February 28, 2005

im running a fever!! ahhh.. the feelin sucks.. i hate being sick.. especially fever!! it makes my whole body ACHES and my nose to run.. my stomach to ache and everyting la. I HATE BEIN SICK!!! boohooo...

Sunday, February 27, 2005

so stupiddd... sunday still haf to go back sch.. but todae IS FUN =D
reach sch at 7am.. den went to the SCH.. rehearsal la.. so sian.. from first row change to second row AGAIN.. knnbccb!! x.x i hate second row man.. booooos..... den after tt.. went to makan at CS's coffeeshop.. nice nice food they had.. but my food was SUCKY.. watched white noise.. freakin lame show can.. no ending de.. i hate shows with no ending.. saw ALOT of ppl todae.. daniel from band last time.. andy aka feng and my god son ELSTON! =D he dun like me =( maybe becos i juz met him bah.. haha.. saw pang chong.. chun yan.. chailong.. kim choo oso.. den saw zhizhang.. oh my oh my.. haha.. oso saw my fav uncle KAIRUI! and my ex auntie pris.. loll.. so shocked sia.. lalalala... i miss my darlin sooo much.. sighs.. when will i ever see my darlin again.. =/ =( I WAN DARLIN!!!!!!!!! lalala...


went swimming wif yee n hui.. jenski went too.. but he extra nv swim.. after swimming.. meet alvin and hock boon.. went to play pool.. den they kanna jio meng.. zzzz... bo liao la.. den dar dar come meet us.. heeeee... so happie to see dar dar.. ^^

Saturday, February 26, 2005

.. sighs.. took a long time to complete redesigning my blog.. wahaha.. finally gt a blogskin.. fuck the tables.. so freaking difficult to do.. aniwae.. SS was difficult too.. failing it fer sure.. =.= sighs.. todae pon band.. dar dar came my hse ^^ tml we goin jurong complex swimming.. heeee... den goin to watch constantine with gary and his gf.. wahhahaa... sooo happie ^^

hais.. todae is roger's last day in sch liao.. cos he leaving liao norhs.. first daniel gt expelled.. den roger leaving.. our class gettin smaller and smaller liao.. so sad sia.. nvm la.. =) tis wk veri stress liao.. next week oso beri stress sia.. jialat.. =( hais.. i miss darlin so much...

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

long time nv blog.. expecting to fail my PHYSICS CHEMISTRY AND SOCIAL STUDIES common test already.. got 6/100 fer my maths common test.. soooo gd.. LAST in sec5NA level.. LMAO. =X gd sia.. first time get sooo LOW. fuck tt PAY LU SENG or wateva his fucking name is. fuck la bastard.. grrrrrrrrs. hate him so freakin much. i hate tt BITCH oso. blardy bitch!! YUCKS!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwww!!!!! PUI PUI PUI

todae. dar came over. =D soo happie. end of story. -pmsing- ?

Sunday, February 20, 2005

OH GOSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! im beginning to feel the stress already.. next wk my schedule is fully packed!! i even haf to go to sch on sunday 27feb!! imagine tis.. *sighs. but im free on thurs and sat!! however my monday isnt free cos thurs practice changed to monday.. which is one of the day that i can meet my ("x")hubby("x").. =(

aniway.. been beri busy lately.. thurs band fri band sat clubstudio's meeting.. omg.. going crazy already.. well.. seen a number of stuffs happening.. this and that.. gettin sick of everything tt's happening.. had a big fuckin quarrel with him the the other day.. but we're alright now.. =) sighs..

schedule fer next week:
`monday : common test fer maths. *loci statistic and number sequence* and BAND
`tuesday : physics and chemistry common test *7chapters fer physics and 14 chapters fer chemistry*
`wednesday : social studies common test. *chapter 7 =)*
`thursday : FINALLY FREE!!! but might be goin band =/
`friday : BAND BAND BAND!!!
`saturday : finally FREEEEEEEE. and REAL FREEEEEE~~!!!!
`sunday : BAND. -.- heading down to singapore conference hall fer rehearsal.. omg -.-

look how packed am i!! omg.. =.= it's CRAZY man.. but phew~ everything is gonna be over SOON! and soon it's the HOLIDAY!! YEAH!!!! hehes.. okok.. gtg.. haf to set the rules fer clubstudio forum -.- dunno wat home rules. -.- x.x

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

im back home! `hur hurs. aniway.. todae at sch.. did nt much tings la.. maths i slpt thru the lesson.. so boring.. onli to copy razean's notes when i waki.. hehes.. CME lesson was a BORE as usual.. surprised.. ms lai din call mama.. ytd she keep calllin and calling.. -.- bth.. sibei naggy.. lotsa hmwk to do.. todae do practical durin chem lessons.. boring.. zzz.. after sch went to meet dom and kw.. fer wat? return money la.. x.x haha... they 2 kanna bullied by me.. poor tings.. =X
after they went back.. i go find yee, hui, ah ma and sharon at tm.. walk walk lor.. so sian.. den i went toysrus.. haha... i go buy a packet of the glow in the dark de stars.. hehes.. later can paste at my rm de walls liao.. nt enuff tml go n buy 2 more packets.. $4.95 each.. lalalala.. my rm is going to be MY ROOM!! means i DECORATE it =D hehes... soo happie.. den when abt to go hm.. zzz... saw hongwei and his gf.. dunno wat cheezecake in ogk de.. aiya.. aniting la.. i oso dun care.. haha.. juz dun wanna see him.. zzz.. but still see him.. dinga is LEFT ALONE nw.. lalala.. i onli care abt my BEAR.. heee... my beng benggg =D my bear name is beng beng~!! lame x.x haha.. okok la.. gtg.. stick the stars liao.. =D

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

omg omg omg!! i wonder hu's the BITCH hu called me CHILDISH den WHINED to her BF for help.

oh come on la SOTSTER and ZIPDISK. who da hell u tink u are? try and PINPOINT to me wat i did wrong by saying BOOS. childish? nah. ur more CHILDISH. only STUPID idiots handle more den THREE blogs or maybe even FOUR blogs at a time. booos. come and find my trouble den. im nt AFRAID at all. and ZIPDISK. dun be lame. one day i make sure ur company goes BURST =D

omg omg. someone has cablemax as his backing!! omg! im sooo freaking afraid. but sad to sae. cheng fu, w32 and w64 are my friends. boos.

stop being CHILDISH (well i guess this word describes the both of you PERFECTLY)
omg!! it really does!! =D

ytd was vday! weee. freakin fun.. had sch till 1.45pm.. den chiong cab home.. after tt dar dar reach liao.. we eat the ice cream cake i've redeemed from swensens. yucks. disgusting. too sweet fer dar and me.. so ended up i go bathe den went out with him.. took a cab down to orchard/cineleisure.. went cheers to buy roses.. heee.. den went more den words.. bought a tigger fer myself and he bought a bear fer me.. den went down to the basement to eat the hoboyashi. yumms.. but the tempura taste YUCKS. booos. my treat =D
at first wanted to catch constantine.. but the movie was nt available at cineleisure.. so we walked to lido.. saw mr WEI FONG -.- and of cos his gf.. haha.. omg.. his dressin ytd.. makes me wan to laugh n VOMIT =X
reached lido.. constantine was at 7.45pm.. zzz.. we were at there at 6.15pm.. unwilling to wait sooo long fer a stupid show.. we ended up buyin the tix fer "I do I do" freakin funni can!! haha.. after the movie.. i meet mama.. den we went punggol plaza together to eat.. den come hm liao.. wahahaha..
got myself a sony ericsson earpiece has fm radio in it.. weee.. actually i gt it fer dar.. but he sae he gt it liao.. booos -.- haha..

hope everyone enjoyed their vday.. =D

Saturday, February 12, 2005

lalala. collected 300 fer angbao.. wahaha.. so lucky =X so boring.. =( nw at hm.. lazy to blog oso.. eeyerr...

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

uhhhh.. happie cny to all ( except to bastards n bitches ) lalalaa. period. -.-

Monday, February 07, 2005

knnbpcb. may ur bodies be infested with thousands of bed bugs. bastard n bitch. sae until beri song rite? my anger is rising. when my temper explodes. im nt goin be the ger u all noe. watch out fer the signs. and be very wary fer ur rs bastard. cos im gonna be a real bastard. =)

Sunday, February 06, 2005

ytd went out wif AHEM. haha.. went to cut hair nia la.. so longggg... x.x sit at there 2 n 1/2 hrs.. haha.. my hairstylist and the one hu wash/blow my hair fer me.. keep crappin wif me sia.. haha.. tt guy hu blow/wash my hair fer me onli 21!! soo young.. haha.. added him in msn.. shhh.. =X haha.. saw dexter and his fren ytd.. haha.. he sae i beri familiar but dun recognise me.. haha... pig sia.. bth.. cos maybe of my new haircut la.. haha.. i look YOUNGER. i tink i look cuter too.. oops!! haha.. *bhb abit* yeahhh... but ytd cut hair $38 sia.. so ex.. x.x haha.. but nvm.. worth it la.. plannin to rebond it after CNY!! haha.. if gt promotion lor.. cos my hairstylist tell me to sms her when i wanna rebond.. den she help mi see gt promotion nt.. heee.. so gd hor.. haha.. but i still dunno how to style my hair.. + confirm cannot tie de.. die die la.. =X haha.. nvm ^^ ytd call cab hm.. =.= so tired sia.. no choice.. haha.. gt my contact lens liao.. haha.. nt nice de.. cannot see the obvious colour de.. =( aniwae.. kinda tired.. =X

Saturday, February 05, 2005

weeeeeeeeeeeeeee......... cuttin hair later!!! muahahahs! soooo happie!! lemme fly~ im proud to fly up high~ wee!! so nice sia tis song.. haha.. ZUREN!! where's ur PT3?!?! clubstudio present sent~ lol.. dun tell mi pt3 oso gt tis horrr =X lalallalalallaa.. so bored x.x =( booooooos... the pig faster waki ler =x

Friday, February 04, 2005

.. i dun wan blank lies.. i dun wan empty promises.. all i wan is u to be by my side.. i dun care a damn if ur rich or ur poor.. i only wanna be wif u.. i only wan u to love me.. i only wan ur hugs.. i only wan ur kisses.. i only wan u.. u and u and u.. no one else.. hais.. i love u.. dear.. i realli do..

fuck tt stupid moi in ogk.. fuckin bastard. son of a bitch.

juz came back frm the doc. omg. 2bottles of medicine and 1 mc cost me $28 =.= soooo expensive.. eeewww... bought porridge and bread+kaya to eat.. hais.. den it's time to take medicine.. =( headache is actin up again.. boos

im INDEED sick. =( having a stupid block nose and flu and im still feelin a lil feverish. received ah ma's sms ytd. gotta noe tt today gt band exchange programme. i wonder with which sch. ah ha. hopes it's CHANGKAT CHANGI!! boo hoooo.. i miss my uncle kairui =( and one ger there.. she.. she.. she's soooo CUTE!! muahaha. =x i tink she belongs to horn section.. if i nv remember wrongly.. haha.. we can crap alot.. sir match us up together liao.. lol.. sae we can be gd frenz.. lol!! den the whole band laugh.. oops.. =X i reallie miss my uncle alot.. lol.. cos nv see him online le oso.. =/ boring ler.. nv go sch.. later the exchange programme until 8pm.. -.- im still considering whether to go or nt to go.. haha.. maybe i go lor.. if.. IF i gt no fever by tt time.. heee.. dar's in sch todae.. he gt practical.. so dun wanna bother him.. haha.. yeah~~ CNY is reaching and im EXCITED abt it.. kekes.. i miss the laughters in my class.. now it's like.. so freakin boring.. dunno y.. =( hais.. blog til here bah. later den blog again if i free. changin blogskin btw =x

Thursday, February 03, 2005

weeee... todae 3mths with dar dar liao.. yeah!! hees ^^ went to kbox juz nw.. den dar dar find neh neh.. -.- smk again.. lol.. i gettin sick liao la.. jialat.. todae gt POA n physics CA.. both so difficult sia.. but physics alright narhs i tink.. haha.. mama nv go work todae.. -.- neh neh treat mi eat ice cream juz nw.. haha.. im feelinn sooooo SICK now.. booo.. flu + im feeelin abit of feverish.. =(

juz now at cs.. gt one boi boi come take my number.. den keep callin.. soooo fan.. den dar dar angry.. haha.. =X im feelin so sick nw.. dun feel like goin sch tml.. =( so sad.. x.x by sat muz.. MUZ cut hair.. but no one accompany me go.. go alone.. =x dun wanna ask yee they all.. lazy... =X dar dar gt dinner.. =( no choice lor.. go alone.. hee..

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

uhh. i miss u. =( goin sch soon. sighs. stupid alvin tan. stop lookin into my blog when u nt in irc!! =X
beri bo liao online now.. x.x cos no one online.. =( recommanded song. starz`dj - Eurotrance poppers Vol 1 =D