Saturday, February 26, 2005

.. sighs.. took a long time to complete redesigning my blog.. wahaha.. finally gt a blogskin.. fuck the tables.. so freaking difficult to do.. aniwae.. SS was difficult too.. failing it fer sure.. =.= sighs.. todae pon band.. dar dar came my hse ^^ tml we goin jurong complex swimming.. heeee... den goin to watch constantine with gary and his gf.. wahhahaa... sooo happie ^^

hais.. todae is roger's last day in sch liao.. cos he leaving liao norhs.. first daniel gt expelled.. den roger leaving.. our class gettin smaller and smaller liao.. so sad sia.. nvm la.. =) tis wk veri stress liao.. next week oso beri stress sia.. jialat.. =( hais.. i miss darlin so much...


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