Wednesday, February 16, 2005

im back home! `hur hurs. aniway.. todae at sch.. did nt much tings la.. maths i slpt thru the lesson.. so boring.. onli to copy razean's notes when i waki.. hehes.. CME lesson was a BORE as usual.. surprised.. ms lai din call mama.. ytd she keep calllin and calling.. -.- bth.. sibei naggy.. lotsa hmwk to do.. todae do practical durin chem lessons.. boring.. zzz.. after sch went to meet dom and kw.. fer wat? return money la.. x.x haha... they 2 kanna bullied by me.. poor tings.. =X
after they went back.. i go find yee, hui, ah ma and sharon at tm.. walk walk lor.. so sian.. den i went toysrus.. haha... i go buy a packet of the glow in the dark de stars.. hehes.. later can paste at my rm de walls liao.. nt enuff tml go n buy 2 more packets.. $4.95 each.. lalalala.. my rm is going to be MY ROOM!! means i DECORATE it =D hehes... soo happie.. den when abt to go hm.. zzz... saw hongwei and his gf.. dunno wat cheezecake in ogk de.. aiya.. aniting la.. i oso dun care.. haha.. juz dun wanna see him.. zzz.. but still see him.. dinga is LEFT ALONE nw.. lalala.. i onli care abt my BEAR.. heee... my beng benggg =D my bear name is beng beng~!! lame x.x haha.. okok la.. gtg.. stick the stars liao.. =D


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