Friday, February 04, 2005

im INDEED sick. =( having a stupid block nose and flu and im still feelin a lil feverish. received ah ma's sms ytd. gotta noe tt today gt band exchange programme. i wonder with which sch. ah ha. hopes it's CHANGKAT CHANGI!! boo hoooo.. i miss my uncle kairui =( and one ger there.. she.. she.. she's soooo CUTE!! muahaha. =x i tink she belongs to horn section.. if i nv remember wrongly.. haha.. we can crap alot.. sir match us up together liao.. lol.. sae we can be gd frenz.. lol!! den the whole band laugh.. oops.. =X i reallie miss my uncle alot.. lol.. cos nv see him online le oso.. =/ boring ler.. nv go sch.. later the exchange programme until 8pm.. -.- im still considering whether to go or nt to go.. haha.. maybe i go lor.. if.. IF i gt no fever by tt time.. heee.. dar's in sch todae.. he gt practical.. so dun wanna bother him.. haha.. yeah~~ CNY is reaching and im EXCITED abt it.. kekes.. i miss the laughters in my class.. now it's like.. so freakin boring.. dunno y.. =( hais.. blog til here bah. later den blog again if i free. changin blogskin btw =x


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