Sunday, February 20, 2005

OH GOSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! im beginning to feel the stress already.. next wk my schedule is fully packed!! i even haf to go to sch on sunday 27feb!! imagine tis.. *sighs. but im free on thurs and sat!! however my monday isnt free cos thurs practice changed to monday.. which is one of the day that i can meet my ("x")hubby("x").. =(

aniway.. been beri busy lately.. thurs band fri band sat clubstudio's meeting.. omg.. going crazy already.. well.. seen a number of stuffs happening.. this and that.. gettin sick of everything tt's happening.. had a big fuckin quarrel with him the the other day.. but we're alright now.. =) sighs..

schedule fer next week:
`monday : common test fer maths. *loci statistic and number sequence* and BAND
`tuesday : physics and chemistry common test *7chapters fer physics and 14 chapters fer chemistry*
`wednesday : social studies common test. *chapter 7 =)*
`thursday : FINALLY FREE!!! but might be goin band =/
`friday : BAND BAND BAND!!!
`saturday : finally FREEEEEEEE. and REAL FREEEEEE~~!!!!
`sunday : BAND. -.- heading down to singapore conference hall fer rehearsal.. omg -.-

look how packed am i!! omg.. =.= it's CRAZY man.. but phew~ everything is gonna be over SOON! and soon it's the HOLIDAY!! YEAH!!!! hehes.. okok.. gtg.. haf to set the rules fer clubstudio forum -.- dunno wat home rules. -.- x.x


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