Sunday, February 27, 2005

so stupiddd... sunday still haf to go back sch.. but todae IS FUN =D
reach sch at 7am.. den went to the SCH.. rehearsal la.. so sian.. from first row change to second row AGAIN.. knnbccb!! x.x i hate second row man.. booooos..... den after tt.. went to makan at CS's coffeeshop.. nice nice food they had.. but my food was SUCKY.. watched white noise.. freakin lame show can.. no ending de.. i hate shows with no ending.. saw ALOT of ppl todae.. daniel from band last time.. andy aka feng and my god son ELSTON! =D he dun like me =( maybe becos i juz met him bah.. haha.. saw pang chong.. chun yan.. chailong.. kim choo oso.. den saw zhizhang.. oh my oh my.. haha.. oso saw my fav uncle KAIRUI! and my ex auntie pris.. loll.. so shocked sia.. lalalala... i miss my darlin sooo much.. sighs.. when will i ever see my darlin again.. =/ =( I WAN DARLIN!!!!!!!!! lalala...


went swimming wif yee n hui.. jenski went too.. but he extra nv swim.. after swimming.. meet alvin and hock boon.. went to play pool.. den they kanna jio meng.. zzzz... bo liao la.. den dar dar come meet us.. heeeee... so happie to see dar dar.. ^^


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