Tuesday, February 15, 2005

ytd was vday! weee. freakin fun.. had sch till 1.45pm.. den chiong cab home.. after tt dar dar reach liao.. we eat the ice cream cake i've redeemed from swensens. yucks. disgusting. too sweet fer dar and me.. so ended up i go bathe den went out with him.. took a cab down to orchard/cineleisure.. went cheers to buy roses.. heee.. den went more den words.. bought a tigger fer myself and he bought a bear fer me.. den went down to the basement to eat the hoboyashi. yumms.. but the tempura taste YUCKS. booos. my treat =D
at first wanted to catch constantine.. but the movie was nt available at cineleisure.. so we walked to lido.. saw mr WEI FONG -.- and of cos his gf.. haha.. omg.. his dressin ytd.. makes me wan to laugh n VOMIT =X
reached lido.. constantine was at 7.45pm.. zzz.. we were at there at 6.15pm.. unwilling to wait sooo long fer a stupid show.. we ended up buyin the tix fer "I do I do" freakin funni can!! haha.. after the movie.. i meet mama.. den we went punggol plaza together to eat.. den come hm liao.. wahahaha..
got myself a sony ericsson earpiece has fm radio in it.. weee.. actually i gt it fer dar.. but he sae he gt it liao.. booos -.- haha..

hope everyone enjoyed their vday.. =D


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