Sunday, February 06, 2005

ytd went out wif AHEM. haha.. went to cut hair nia la.. so longggg... x.x sit at there 2 n 1/2 hrs.. haha.. my hairstylist and the one hu wash/blow my hair fer me.. keep crappin wif me sia.. haha.. tt guy hu blow/wash my hair fer me onli 21!! soo young.. haha.. added him in msn.. shhh.. =X haha.. saw dexter and his fren ytd.. haha.. he sae i beri familiar but dun recognise me.. haha... pig sia.. bth.. cos maybe of my new haircut la.. haha.. i look YOUNGER. i tink i look cuter too.. oops!! haha.. *bhb abit* yeahhh... but ytd cut hair $38 sia.. so ex.. x.x haha.. but nvm.. worth it la.. plannin to rebond it after CNY!! haha.. if gt promotion lor.. cos my hairstylist tell me to sms her when i wanna rebond.. den she help mi see gt promotion nt.. heee.. so gd hor.. haha.. but i still dunno how to style my hair.. + confirm cannot tie de.. die die la.. =X haha.. nvm ^^ ytd call cab hm.. =.= so tired sia.. no choice.. haha.. gt my contact lens liao.. haha.. nt nice de.. cannot see the obvious colour de.. =( aniwae.. kinda tired.. =X


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