Sunday, March 06, 2005

yawns. im a bitch. someone called mi a copycat fer viewing her source and doin a same layout. i dunno hu u are *or maybe i noe* i fuckin hell dun care. my blog is nt fer u to comment abt. wat i do and wat i sae is non of ur fuckin business. dun like? den stay out! no one ask u to view my blog at all.. i admit i did take the codes and some backgrd pix from somewhere~ but the layout SAME MEH? are u sooo fuckin sure tt the fuckin layout is the same? i MERELY took the tables ok. i've ADJUSTED it lorr.. and the fuckin table codes are so fuckin different lor.. aniwae i've deleted tt post. =) dun wish those dirty fellows ard tag in my board and give USELESS comments.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

hey bitch. im telling u now. i dunno wat u've been telling the juniors when i was away from band.. im warning u now.. dun try to do aniting funni.. when they are scolded by sir.. it's nt my business.. i nv go tell sir aniting.. u tink i like band? no i dun. if i like band. i wun be escaping from band every now and then.. big shots huh u? section leader? HELLO!! FREAKING HELL IM OSO A SECTION LEADER OF THE FUCKING FLUTE SECTION ALRIGHT!! EITHER U LIKE IT OR NT IT'S PRINTED ON MY CERT OR DO U FUCKINGLY WAN TO SEE MY FUCKING CERT? AND THERE'S SIGNATURE BY SIR TOO. u fucking bitch. hu u tink u are.. tryin to destroy my life in band? i tell u. wait fucking long and u will nt be able to destroy it too. u can TRY to destroy it. but once u do it.. dun blame me.. i pay back u. TWICE the amt u HURT me. try me bitch. zzzz.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

defination of coward? one who dare to do dun dare to admit. HUM JI. kns. such a person exist on earth, it's an utterly disgrace to mankind! yucks! WEN YESHENG. if u dare to sae tt sentence why dun u juz admit. u tis son of a bitch. u realli freaking sucks man bastard. the more i see u the more i detest u and the more i feel like whacking u up. wait till one dae my patience dry up. u will get it from me man bastard. i wonder how does it feels to be ditched by a ger and den see tt particular ger is happily with ur BEST FREN for more den 1yr+ already. i hope it FEELS MISERABLE. cos den i'll be happy to see u feel MISERABLE. oh my. cant u juz simply fuck off from this earth surface? =/