Wednesday, March 02, 2005

defination of coward? one who dare to do dun dare to admit. HUM JI. kns. such a person exist on earth, it's an utterly disgrace to mankind! yucks! WEN YESHENG. if u dare to sae tt sentence why dun u juz admit. u tis son of a bitch. u realli freaking sucks man bastard. the more i see u the more i detest u and the more i feel like whacking u up. wait till one dae my patience dry up. u will get it from me man bastard. i wonder how does it feels to be ditched by a ger and den see tt particular ger is happily with ur BEST FREN for more den 1yr+ already. i hope it FEELS MISERABLE. cos den i'll be happy to see u feel MISERABLE. oh my. cant u juz simply fuck off from this earth surface? =/


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